A renovation project requires professionality and complex logistic management that includes many steps; for example, logical preparation of all steps of the project, coordination and interaction between all the involved providers, tide time schedule in the right order of steps, orders, deliveries, etc.
People who have no experience in the field may find themselves realizing many things too late, and by then, they may skip important steps and waist much time and money.


Whether you choose to renovate a specific area such as kitchen, bathroom or master bedroom unit, or when you have a complete renovation project in the entire property, we, the RENOVATORS’ contractors will make sure to provide you with the best advices, preparations and plans, best schedule and reasonable time frames, and of-course to oversee each and every step of the project using our knowledge and experience to deal and provide answers to every little thing in the field. 


The renovation contractor is equivalent to an orchestra conductor, or to a film producer and director, or to a school principle, or a hi-tech company’s CEO. The contractor responsibility is broad; he should see the ‘big picture’ of the entire project as well as the daily routine and be the only channel of communication for the clients and all the related providers.

You would not send your children to a school that has no skilled management level with related education and pleasant manners and behavior – right? The same with a renovation company in your property that should answer that exact same requirements of skills, education and manners; you should hire someone that will really give you a peaceful feeling and will be completely trustful, so you can feel comfortable letting him handle this kind of a project.


Selecting the company and its contractors that will have the renovation project in your property is one of the most important decisions you will take. Renovations impacts your life in multiple aspects, and the person who will insure the results and will be with you through the whole process is the contractor that will determine how your life will look throughout the project time and afterwards.