Imagine yourself that it is all N-E-W!

Kitchen, bathrooms, floors, walls, electricity, plumbing, closets and storage solutions, changing the interior division, drywalls, concrete, water-heaters, A/Cs, etc.


There are multiple benefits of having
a complete renovation project in your property:


Money –
There is no doubt that renovation will increase the value of the property- whether if it is done for a personal usage or if it is an investment property – both for rental and sale. Planning the design and materials according to the goals will insure an immediate raise of value to your property.


Maximization –
The existing properties do not necessarily suit the modern lifestyle most of us manage; changing the interior division to rooms, and planning each room according to its daily use with the ideal combination of colors and materials will create functionality and will allow to maximize the given space and create a designed space.


Safeness –
Old properties are known to have issues with the floors, leaks, poor electrical connections that may have gone through more and more additions and changes over the years, old kitchen storages that are not stabile enough for the amount of dishes. A complete renovation project will insure many benefits and one of the major benefits is safeness.


The Overall Feeling –
It may be last but clearly not the least; the special feeling people have after the completion of a successful renovation project is completed is usually described as freshness, relief, wideness, clean comfortableness, aesthetic, new and magical special feeling in the place people use so many hours of the day.  

  • Kitchen – The kitchen is the center of the house; it gathers people and is one of the most used rooms in the property throughout the day. Ideal kitchen should be designed properly with practical materials, with multiple storage and worktop solutions, electrical outlets availability, and have the right lighting to insure flowing, comfortable, productive and stylish routine both for cooking and for eating and gathering in the kitchen area.

    ‘Open-space’ has become a very popular design that connects the kitchen together with the living-room, dining space and kitchen. Selecting this style, the kitchen is more visible while being part of the main space of the house and should be fitted to the overall space.


  • Bathroom – Renovating the bathroom is not only a designed and stylish change, but also comfort, esthetic, cleanness and safeness improvement.

    Maximizing the space of a bathroom, which is usually smaller compared to other rooms in the property, it is very important to achieve the wideness feeling while using the best materials that will fit the design and at the same time will be practical and eliminate wetness, sliding, and temperature changes. 

    RENOVATORS will create your ‘home-spa’ and insure that your new bathroom will increase the property value.   


  • Painting - People tend to think painting is very easy; however, the difference is in the details! The RENOVATORS team insures clean and smooth finishing. The painting process is done carefully while first fixing and patching all related walls damages, and smoothing the walls. The paining process itself is done with professional paint strokes, and usage of quality paints that fit the room style and its special needs and while keeping clean and straight lines between the different chosen colors.

    Moreover, the RENOVATORS team specializes also in their spatial vision and they are updated with all design styles – modern and classic, so they will be able to advise you in the colors selection process, so the colors will fit the design and will be practical, lit, and pleasant.


  • Flooring – The flooring of a property will impact its whole look; a modern well-done floor will improve the overall design of the house. The flooring world is very broad and varied; there are endless amounts of designs and materials including ceramic, granite, porcelain, mosaic, decorative tile, concrete, laminate floor in all shades, sizes and styles, parquet, wood, and more. RENOVATORS professionalize in all types of floors and their installation.


  • Electrical Work – We use electricity in almost every given moment with multiple products and purposes. Electrical work is done with every kind of renovation according to plans. RENOVATORS insures high level of safeness without shortcuts while using methods that may reduce the power consumption.


  • Plumbing – Our daily routine requires a constant plumbing usage; therefore a proper work will insure elimination of wetness, leaks, flooding and their related damages.